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5G being the support for future network infrastructure.

According to Public Private Partnership in Horizon 2020, the  service conditions  of 2020 and the communication network  will be extremely abundant and with further level complexity than what we have today. They believe that in 2020 the network infrastructure will be able to connect all devices allowing a variety of application precise needs:

  • People
  • things
  • processes
  • computing centers
  • content
  • knowledge
  • information
  • goods

in a effective,  adaptable, and bendable way.

It is also state that, linked sensors will be the surrounding the future, linked vehicles, futuristic meters and futuristic home gadgets light years ahead our present knowledge of tablet and smartphone integration. Additionally, a need to correctly name this innovative  infrastructure that will urge to provide for these extraordinary progress and performance features.

The following high level Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are proposed by them to frame the research activities:

  1. Providing 1000 times higher wireless area capacity and more varied service capabilities compared to 2010.
  2.  Saving up to 90% of energy per service provided. The main focus will be in mobile communication networks where the dominating energy consumption comes from the radio access network.
  3. Reducing the average service creation time cycle from 90 hours to 90 minutes.
  4. Creating a secure, reliable and dependable Internet with a “zero perceived” downtime for services provision.
  5. Facilitating very dense deployments of wireless communication links to connect over 7 trillion wireless devices serving over 7 billion people.
  6. Enabling advanced User controlled privacy.


By: Wanler Gaspar

How will be the internet infrastructure 5 years from now? comment below

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Quem ja resolveu um cubo mágico? e da forma certa?


A muito tempo que venho tentando entender o processo para resolver o cubo, quem ja conseguiu ganhar essa batalha mais de uma vez? Esse jogo representado por uma simples figura geométrica tem uma grande complexidade de resolução, pelo menos para amadores, mas deve dar uma grande satisfação depois de achar um jeito de o resolver (mostrar ao cubo quem é o maior). quem sabe como resolver comente depois do post.

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No acto de criação desse blog e escrita eu fiquei meio indeciso sobre o assunto que eu trataria aqui, a língua que eu utilizaria e a forma que teria que falar para os leitores que são vocês, o engraçado é que eu não cheguei a uma conclusão, encontrei várias conclusões, com essas eu pensei porque não falar sobre tudo que eu quero falar, dar oportunidade a todos para partilhar o que têm de mais precioso (informação e conhecimento), porque nos limitar  e ficar em caixas rotuladas por línguas, área de pesquisa, curso, e o resto. Para mim toda a informação e válida e só por ser caracterizada por informação eu acredito que esta deve ser partilhada.

Para quem ainda esta perdido, esse blogue é sobre tudo e de todos, nos precisamos de mais inclusão e menos separação.

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Information is Power

Lets make our youth great again, lets unite our hearts and our screams, lets sound like how billions united would sound like, lets say stop but continuing in creating power among our generation, lets equip them with information.

By: Wanler Gaspar

Benguela (Angola)

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If you like to relax and just live a little a recommend Benguela, it is an amazing city located in the south region of Angola, with captivating gastronomy and breath taking landscape I am sure you will fall in love if it, and will want to spend all your holidays in this great destination.

By: Wanler Gaspar



A Thing Everyone Should Avoid

So where do I start?, from the beginning I guess,  my name is not good enough, I always called my self that, and saw myself being that countless time, because of who I was, where I was born, my parents, my friends and the rest. So why do I feel that way?  Because something very important was missing for me, and  that something was me.

I was missing, I did not know who I was, and where I had to go, what to do, what to tell and where to tell, I am originally African and where I was born, you do can not know who you are, elders find hard to understand if you have a set goal or worse if you have a newly found passion, you need to wait so they they you what to do, their every command, do as you are told or else. Or else has been my biggest fear because you never know what comes after it, could be some that would break you spirit and leave you eternally lost in yourself.

After a while, I learned that the first thing is that we have to know who we are to understand where we are going. So I did, I avoided being one of those we call of of those, I am even avoiding calling them one of those, because I know I was lucky to find guidance when I needed, to find amazing friends and awesome teachers that shaped me and helped me to become this someone who sees things with more clarity.

I surely hope, that what we do and what say can impact everyone positively, and that no matter where we come from, and who we are, we have the right to know ourselves. Lets not live like empty landscape, with no purpose and calling or being called good enough, we have sincerely to avoid that.


( Namibia)

By: Wanler Gaspar

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