A Thing Everyone Should Avoid

So where do I start?, from the beginning I guess,  my name is not good enough, I always called my self that, and saw myself being that countless time, because of who I was, where I was born, my parents, my friends and the rest. So why do I feel that way?  Because something very important was missing for me, and  that something was me.

I was missing, I did not know who I was, and where I had to go, what to do, what to tell and where to tell, I am originally African and where I was born, you do can not know who you are, elders find hard to understand if you have a set goal or worse if you have a newly found passion, you need to wait so they they you what to do, their every command, do as you are told or else. Or else has been my biggest fear because you never know what comes after it, could be some that would break you spirit and leave you eternally lost in yourself.

After a while, I learned that the first thing is that we have to know who we are to understand where we are going. So I did, I avoided being one of those we call of of those, I am even avoiding calling them one of those, because I know I was lucky to find guidance when I needed, to find amazing friends and awesome teachers that shaped me and helped me to become this someone who sees things with more clarity.

I surely hope, that what we do and what say can impact everyone positively, and that no matter where we come from, and who we are, we have the right to know ourselves. Lets not live like empty landscape, with no purpose and calling or being called good enough, we have sincerely to avoid that.


( Namibia)

By: Wanler Gaspar


3 thoughts on “A Thing Everyone Should Avoid

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  1. Great article!!
    From my point of view, I think the most thing that we missed in Africa is the absence of motivation and the good guidance for inspiring the new generation. This absence ranging from the top leaders to the parents. Moreover, at homes or schools, they only learn us how to collect money instead of how to live happily and work what you like. Also, top leaders fighting the success and they didn’t promote innovative people.


  2. People could think about theirs sources or absolutely theirs cultures maybe be more interested to Apply to get information of others countries i mean do research about others nationalities. Let’s keep it going.


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